That’s me. I smile because I have no clue.


Apps available for M1 Mac- all screenshots bu author

When we first learned that we’d be able to run IOS apps on the M1 Mac, some of us thought that was pretty neat.

What on earth were we thinking?

The screenshot above shows a few of the many ridiculous apps that could run on M1 Macs if you were perverse enough to install them. Just to see what would happen, I chose to download an iPhone/iPad Flashlight app to my Mac.

Yup. I know, you are laughing. So was I.


New Safari Tab Settings on iPhone — all screenshots by author

Do you know what I did when I first saw the new IOS 15 Safari on my iPhone?

That’s right: I went straight to Settings and put that bottom tab right back up top where the Internet Gods wanted it! Shaking my head in righteous indignation at this travesty, I wondered what special kind of fool thought THAT was a good idea.

And I was wrong

I admit it: I acted hastily. After listening to several podcast hosts express their appreciation of this unexpected topsy-turvy change, I sighed deeply and gave bottom tabs another look.

First up, yes, it is better to have the…


Too many apps- screenshot by author

A fresh start can sometimes be just what you need. Throw out all the furniture, buy everything new. Maybe move to another country, learn a new language, get a new job, new friends, new everything.

Hold on. Maybe that’s a bit extreme. How about we just start by not transferring anything from your old iPhone or iPad to your new?

This is going to hurt a little bit

It can feel very good to clean out all the old apps and settings that you never use. Starting fresh can improve performance and sometimes eliminate nagging problems that neither you nor Apple support have been able to fix.



Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

Oh, my.

I follow too many people. A little over three hundred right now and that is making it very hard to read all of them. I do not follow people in hope of a follow back or as another way to show appreciation; I follow people I want to read. As there are far too many writers who meet that condition, I have been cutting out people.

That hurts. I do not like cutting. I never feel good about it; I always feel that I am betraying a commitment. …


Mountain Lion
Photo by Zach Key on Unsplash

Have you noticed noticed the new image recognition feature in IOS, iPad0S, and macOS? It’s called Visual Look Up; Apple says it can identify “popular art and landmarks around the world, plants and flowers out in nature, books, and breeds of pets.”

I was quite excited when Apple announced this because I’m a curious sort: I like to know what things are called. I had already tried apps that offered this ability; all of them disappointed me. I hoped Apple’s system would be better. It isn’t.

Our mystery tree

I first tried it on a tree in our front yard we have wanted…

Plainly she does NOT have 81,000 followers.

Medium should make a very simple change: if one of your followers has not actually given any of your articles X amount of read time in the past Y months, they are removed as a follower. Simple, automatic, send a note to the former "follower" explaining why.

I have suggested this to Medium. As usual, I got nothing more than the automatic reply.

I bet most of us would lose 50-90% of our so-called followers.


Personal photo of author trying to write a coherent sentence

I bet you have a file of writing ideas. I certainly do. Some of these little prompts of mine have been there for many years, even decades. It seems I may never use them.

So, have at them. I only request that you credit me if you actually paste the quote by linking back to here. Otherwise, just do your stuff. And, if you remember, I’d like you to let me know about your post.

Here they are. Make of them what you will. Maybe what you write will inspire me.

Isn’t spreading disinformation about COVID and the vaccines shouting…


Showing a search for Privacy in iPadOS Settings
All screenshots by Author

Are you intimately familiar with the Settings app on your IOS devices or System Preferences on your Mac? I wish I could say that I am, but I’m not, and most who read this probably are equally unaware of everything that can be found therein.

Do you know which settings you have changed from their defaults? When you look at a particular setting, do you know if it has changed from its original setting? I can’t answer yes to either of these questions, can you?

When there is an update, do you know what settings have been changed by that…


Screenshot showing how to get iPad windows into the Shelf. Photo by author.

Sometimes you read about some new feature and then forget all about it until you need it — that’s an “Oh, yeah, I can do that now!” moment.

That’s not the case with the iPadOS 15 Shelf feature. I had completely forgotten about it, but even though I’ve been using IOS and iPadOS 15 all through the betas, I’ve never needed the Shelf. In fact, it was only today when I accidentally triggered it that I remembered it exists at all!

So what is the Shelf?

It’s an improvement to iPadOS windowing. I wouldn’t call it a great improvement because it doesn’t work with all…

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Retired Unix Consultant. Kicking back and enjoying writing now. Not seeking work, not selling anything. No longer responsible for my old aplawrence site.

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