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As a loony liberal, I applaud you for this.

A few comments:

"If you are the only adult in your household, you’ll get $12,000 a year. But if you get married, your household will get $24,000 a year.. Conservatives who value marriage should prefer UBI to traditional welfare."

Two unmarried people would also have two UBI checks and a poly group might have a basketful. That would be acceptable to me, but perhaps not to your fellow conservatives?

"It seems to me that if we adopted UBI, it would be like Medicare: Here to stay. …


Why not both?

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I pre-ordered the very first iPad sight unseen on April second, 2010. It was delivered on April 30th.

I wrote this on my blog the day before:

FedEx planes carried many thousands of 4-pound packages on the night of April 29th, but some of these were marked for overnight delivery and contained 3G iPads. This was an unanticipated move by Apple: we all knew that the iPads were promised to “ship late April”, as our order page told us, but we didn’t expect that Apple would gratuitously upgrade everyone’s shipping to Priority Overnight. …


A Perl script to process post-* files

This will be incomprehensible to non-programmers. I’m thinking about offering a service to produce this sort of output for those who need it; contact me at with subject “Stats” if that would be helpful to you. Or if you have a friend who can set this up for you, refer him to this script.

Better yet, leave a comment here. Maybe if there is enough demand, Medium will give us better stats so we don’t need scripts and plugins!

Screenshot by author

If you have been asking Medium to download your files regularly, you may be aware of the “post-00*” files located…

Well, a lot of the home owning class doesn't like this :)

I do own a home, but I agree 100%. I'm surprised that local taxes for education has lasted this long: you'd think a constitutional challenge based on equal treatment could elimnate that -- well, maybe not now with a Trump-packed court, but could have.

Getting rid of that inequity would help, but the resistance to rent control and unions is a sad commentary on the American public.

A UBI strongly tied to cost inflation of basic needs--food, shelter, water, medical care-- might be an answer?

You are missing the point. So did Medium until recently, but they seem to be catching on now.

I follow and read a number of people who wrote on PSILY, but I never followed the publication for the same reason that I don't follow ANY publications. I follow authors who have a style I enjoy, or intelligence I enjoy, or who write in areas which interest me.

There has to be *resonance* for me to follow. Publications are not resonant at all, they are jumbled, discordant. packed with different voices, different views, differing talents. …

I think you've missed something there. Your point about prejudice is quite valid, but that prejudice was actually an asset for Susan.

Many, many people, a LOT of people, can sing. It is not at all an unusual talent for humans.

What makes a singer popular is something else added. They need to be unusual in some way. Unusually pretty, sexy, funny, personable, witty, strange, weird - something has to make them stand out from all the millions of others who sing just as well. A bland, colorless, uninteresting person with great singing ability will be handicapped in a contest like that.

Something has to make them memorable, something has to create the buzz. Susan had that, but a dozen more like her would not fare as well because they would not be unusual.


Maybe, maybe not

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When the original big HomePod first came out, I bought two of them which we used as a stereo pair. Although somewhat pricey, the sound quality was impressive and we truly enjoyed that.

In addition to music, we also wanted to use the Homepods as the output for our Apple TV 4K streaming box. Initially, that was not well supported but eventually, we did replace a Bose soundbar with the Homepods.

A thunderstorm last October with wildly fluctuating power killed one of those speakers and left me with a problem. …


Is that it’s better than the old one

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The new $59 Apple TV Remote will work with your older Apple TV 4K box and it is better than the remote you have now. It’s better because it has visible marks for orthogonal movement, and is larger.

I bought one because of the markers and being larger, and yes, it does possess both those things.

Other than that, I’m disappointed. I’m still in favor of keeping it; my wife was leaning toward returning it, but has now decided that it’s “good enough”.

Such high praise! It’s good enough!

The power button

Apple is very excited about this tiny little power button that…

Work From Home

Line those perks up or lose your best employees!

I doubt that anyone enjoyed the COVID-19 pandemic, but most of those who could work at home have at least enjoyed that and seem not to be in any mood to go back to office hours.

Who can blame them? Commuting is annoying for most and hell on earth for too many. Attending to household needs during breaks and even caring for children becomes easier when working at home. The employees have demonstrated that working at home may annoy some managers, but the work gets done.

Work From Home didn’t seem to hurt Apple

Look at Apple. In spite of necessary pandemic adjustments, Apple has managed to come…

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