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I have not been sleeping as I would like recently, so I decided to try a weighted blanket. I also thought it might help my wife, who has experienced poor sleep for many years.

My wife always objects to my spending any money for her needs but is usually enthusiastic if I want something like this.

When something is for both of us, her opposed impulses put her into a state where she agrees to the purchase but can’t decide exactly what we should buy. …


Though I really don’t understand why

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When I go out for a walk, I usually include this set of stairs for a little extra push. I might only go up once, or I might go up and down several times.

Yesterday I went up and down repeatedly for fifteen minutes.

I’ve done that before, but yesterday I noticed something strange. You may see that there is a landing partway up. If I take the stairs two at a time, that landing can interrupt my two-step rhythm, depending upon how I start at the bottom.

I’ve marked the photo up to show what I mean. If I…

I had never heard of that, but I realized that I’ve done that ..accidentally, sloppily, unscientifically, but successfully. Weird!

I think the electoral college needs adjusting, but killing it causes other problems.

If we had a close election, we would have to recount every vote in every state, because EVERY vote would matter. That would be very annoying.

And in fairness, it would disenfranchise the smaller states.

So how about we give them more electors but divide them proportionate to the vote there? Maybe every state gets the same number and they are divided proportionately?

I don’t think that anyone is “giddy that she took the bait ”.

Vaccination is important. Yet with all the mutations and all the foolish anti-mask and anti-vaccine people, I can’t accept that everything will be fine. It may be a long time before anything gets better and there is a good chance it never will.

Note to everyone else: I have muted and blocked Sharine.

So we have to let water drip all night

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The temperature hit 12 degrees here last night. We live in a manufactured home sitting on a crawl space, which means freezing water pipes are something that can happen.

We have heat tape, but we don’t have any way to know that it is working other than crawling under the house. That’s not something I want to do anytime at all, never mind now.

How cold does it get underneath?

Last year I put a remote wireless thermometer in the crawl space. That device let me measure the temperature under the house from the comfort of inside. I found that the heat from the house does…

You can’t say that I didn’t try!

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Some of the Spanish apps I use (screenshot from my iPad)

I wish I had taken Spanish in High School.

I had a little French in 5th grade but recall none of it. I started Latin in 7th and went on with four more years of that. I do not regret it — I suppose it helped my vocabulary, but so would a dictionary.

Our daughters took multiple languages — French, Spanish, Russian, and German. One of them even majored in Spanish. Their textbooks littered our house. I would pick the books up now and then, but I couldn’t summon the energy to get into it. …

Anthony Lawrence

Retired Unix Consultant. Kicking back and enjoying writing now. Not seeking work, not selling anything. No longer responsible for my old aplawrence site.

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