A Hearing Aid on Your Wrist?

Yup. I bought one for my wife.

Anthony Lawrence (Pcunix)
4 min readMay 19, 2022


The kink that killed the deal. Photo by author

My poor wife and I are suffering from damaged hearing. That is, she has the damaged hearing, but both of us suffer because of it.

She’s tried hearing aids. The first pair we bought from a local audiologist. They weren’t fancy ones, but still pretty pricey at around $1500 for the pair. They also didn’t help her hearing all that much. Worse, they hurt the inside of one ear and no amount of fiddling, tip changing or anything else helped. Eventually she just stopped wearing them.

We tried Apple Airpods Pro next.

They didn’t help any more (nor any less) than the more expensive hearing aids, but do have a much more limited battery life. I would have happily bought three pairs to solve the battery issue, but these also hurt her ears.

Strike two.

Then we got a pair of Bose hearing aids. They were half the price of the ones from the audiologist and were lighter, but unfortunately the ear pain problem remained.

I thought that was the end of it and saw no sense in wasting more money on hearing aids. Strike three and I’m out. We suffered with her misunderstanding and frustration.

When I say suffered, I mean it. Hearing loss is very hard on everyone. When someone says they can’t understand what you said, it’s almost automatic that you will speak louder, and it’s usually too loud.

Or, they *think* they understood, which can cause problems right that moment or, unfortunately, weeks or months later.

It sucks.

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