A vague religious belief can be helpful for those who need it, but when it becomes dogmatic, it is harmful to all of us.

I was exposed to religion as a child, but rejected it as nonsense as soon as I realized that the man up front was serious. Up until that disturbing moment, I thought he was entertaining us with fantasy. When it suddenly became clear to me that he and the nodding heads around me believed it, that was the end for me.

Fortunately my parents were not all that committed, so when I said I did not want to attend church and my older sisters chimed in with their agreement, our family never went again.

My wife had a similar experience, but her family insisted upon going. She suffered through many years of that, and consequently has a deep dislike of religion. For me, it’s just a silly belief that doesn’t hurt most people. I wish it would disappear, especially from politics, but it is a stubborn stain.

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