Apple Mail Adds Long Needed Features Just Before Everyone Stops Using Email

Better late than never, I guess


Remind Me — screenshot by author

When I gave up Gmail for Apple Mail, it certainly wasn’t because Apple has better mail features. They did not, and do not. However, as of IOS 16, several long wished for features have been added.

I do think it is a bit ironic that Apple has finally begrudged some engineering hours to the Mail app after so many of us have largely moved away from using email.

Well, most of us probably still get a lot of email. I certainly do, but I send very little. Almost all personal communication that I do now is accomplished by text, and most of the rest is on websites or in apps like Discord or Slack. The email is almost exclusively from or to businesses or is junk.

That suggests that I and people like me may not make extensive use of the IOS 16 features. For everyone else and the morbidly curious, here they are:

Undo Send

I didn’t notice this one and had to google it to find out how it works. First, in Settings->Mail you set how long you get to change your mind: 10, 20 or 30 seconds.



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