Are you sure there would be enough left to qualify as an essay?

Oh, that was snarky, sorry, fellow dudes. But she’s right.

There’s one more thing you talk about too much: sports. Funnily enough, most of the world, and I think even most men, don’t care much about your obsession with the overpaid jocks held in bonded servitude to amuse you. Most of us have better things to do with our time and far more interesting things to talk about.

It’s ok to enjoy it. That’s what it is supposed to be: mindless entertainment. It’s ok to bet on it if that’s your desire. It’s ok to talk about it with people who have a similar interest.

It’s not ok to assume that the rest of us care who won last night. We don’t want your sixty second recap. We don’t care about it any more than you care about our mindless hobbies.

Now, international chess is, of course, different. Everybody wants to know about that. And curling, but only because it’s hilarious that they think smoothing the ice actually matters.

Written by

Retired Unix Consultant. Kicking back and enjoying writing now. Not seeking work, not selling anything. No longer responsible for my old aplawrence site.

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