Because I worked at an Apple store for four years after closing my business, I got to know quite a few young people, both as fellow employees and customers. I still keep in touch with many through Facebook.

There does tend to be some general dislike of Boomers. It can certainly be overcome on an individual basis, but they have at least a few valid reasons to resent us. Many of them are burdened with debt and low paying jobs. As Boomers are such a large population cohort, and by virtue of age tend to fall into senior positions, we are a natural target to blame.

Although I was well liked, there was some jealousy of what they saw as wealth. Owning a home and a nice car looks unattainable to some of them. My very liberal politics likely tempered that feeling.

Yeah, here I go again with a comment that I could easily expand to a post. That’s ok. Hey, can I get a cookie too?

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