Fifteen Cats And Some Casts

Breaking up the day

Anthony Lawrence (Pcunix)
2 min readMay 29, 2021


Photo by Nab Nas on Unsplash

We had a doctor visit today to check up on my wife’s broken wrist. She complained that the cast was too tight, so the doc decided to change it and add more padding.

That meant another visit to the technologist — the cast person — who sawed the old one off and began wrapping her arm up like a mummy.

“So how did this happen?”, he asked. I’m sure he’s heard some great tales, but I thought I’d give him something better he could take with him.

“Well, this is the twelfth time she’s fallen in the past four years,” I explained.

That is the truth, unfortunately. Luckily she hasn’t broken bones with every fall, but this wasn’t her first cast. The technologist winced and asked why she has fallen so often. I told him the truth again.

“She has a weak ankle and that makes it easy to trip over things like the edge of a rug.”

He nodded in sympathy.

“Or one of our cats,” I added casually.

The technologist wasn’t sure whether he should laugh or not.

“Your cats?”

“Yes,” I explained, “we only used to have five, but now we have fifteen, mostly kittens. Maybe we should get more.”

“More?”, he asked, chuckling in hopeful disbelief. “Why more?”

I paused.

“To cushion her fall, of course.”

Ayup, that’s how we roll. No kittens were harmed in the making of this story. We don’t live with any pets.



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