I Guess I Must Be Hearing Things Now

But my wife heard it too

Anthony (Tony/Pcunix) Lawrence
3 min readNov 10, 2023


Apple makes some nice speakers they call HomePods.

Translation for the Apple haters: Apple makes some crappy, unbelievably over-priced speakers that sheeple like me buy.

I have a wall switch that controls our Apple TV, the TV itself, and two HomePod Mini’s. I forgot that the switch was off yesterday when I asked the HomePods to play some music.

You can specify what and where. I happened to be in our bedroom, standing near one of the OG HomePods I bought when they first came out, so I said, “Hey Siri, play some chill piano music everywhere.”

Everywhere would be the bedroom and the two HomePod Mini’s in the living room. It would have included another OG HomePod in my office if I hadn’t carelessly neglected to protect that one from a storm that made it forget that it was part of a family and forever after refuse all reprogramming. I gave that one away to someone happy to have an OG HomePod, demented or not.

Here’s the mystery. The living room Mini’s played my music choice. These things require being plugged into the wall, which they were, but the outlet is controlled by the wall switch that was off. I didn’t remember that it was off, so I wasn’t surprised they were playing. However, they were not behaving properly.

They kept stuttering intermittently, playing for a bit and then pausing. I couldn’t imagine why, so I decided to use my iPad to send music to them. Imagine my surprise when the iPad did not see the Minis as a destination. Still in the dark, I checked the Home app and found some conflict.

You can see it in the picture above. The Mini’s are a stereo pair, so the Home app sees them as a single HomePod and told me that it was both playing and not playing.

Schrödinger’s HomePod? Okay, simple fix: I went to the wall switch to cycle the power, a rough reboot. No cats killed, but often a good fix for effed-up hardware.

It was then that I noticed the wall power was already off. I turned it on, stopped the music, and made a new request to send music to the Minis. The music played, the stuttering went away.



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