I Must Be a Dumbbell

It’s so heavy now


Photo by author adjustable dumbbell set

When I was a somewhat scrawny teenager in the early sixties, I could lift a 100 pound dumbbell over my head with either hand. I do mean lift: pushing it up in a controlled motion and letting it down, not jerking it up with the help of my legs.

Yeah, that was then.

This adjustable dumbbell set I recently got from Amazon goes from 5 to 25 pounds. I haven’t yet attempted a one-handed lift of that full 25 pound weight because I wonder if I can do it at all. While I do push-ups and pull-ups , I have only had 5 pound hand weights for many years now. Twenty-five pounds can’t be that hard, but somehow I think it will be, so I’ve been putting that off.

Well, damn it, no time like the present. Wait here; I’ll be right back.

Not as bad as I expected

Setting the desired weight is very easy. With the dumbbell seated in its rack, you just twist the grip handle to change the weight. It clicks into place, and then you can lift the dumbbell out.



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