I never called it Thin Threads, but such has been my approach to leaning over many decades.

When I needed to learn more about programming, I bought every book I could. There wasn’t the overwhelming choice that is available now, but I bought dozens. I bought books on C, Basic, Perl, whatever. Those in turn triggered the need to know more about operating systems, so I bought those also. This was just before the internet, so I perused bulletin boards, but once I had internet, I switched to Usenet.

All that information was invaluable. Those thin threads let me solve problems that sometimes confounded narrowly focused experts.

I'm retired now, and learning Spanish for fun. I subscribe and use Duolingo, Memrise, Spanishdict vocabulary, Coffee Break Spanish, Synergy Spanish, and Spanish For Your Job. I also have a pile of books, a selection of podcasts, and watch movies. More Thin Threads.

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