I’ll give you mine right here. Perhaps if enough others join me, your effort will become a highly read story, who knows?

I started here in April of 2020 and made $17.43 that month. My best month was June at $29.62. The worst was May at $11.06.

I typically see under 150 views per day and 30 claps. I have 379 “followers”, though plainly few of them read what I write.

Highest grossing post was https://medium.com/creatures/my-father-taught-responsibility-with-a-horse-named-general-51beefea9e58 at $17.45.

Most views was https://medium.com/tonys-tech-corner/i-cant-draw-but-i-love-procreate-and-so-might-you-e237968cd56 at 3.1k (and just $7.51 in earnings). Many of my stories have only one view. Yes, one. Too bad, as some of those are actually pretty good.

I have had 31 curated stories out of 192, or about 16%. I’ve made 848 comments.

I do not submit to other publications. I did originally, but have rescinded most of those and now use only my own. I do not like being lost in a sea of other authors and I detest unfocused publications where the subject matter can be anything. I wish Medium didn’t allow that.

I do very little promotion. I should, but I guess I just do not care enough.

I follow 340 people and a few pubs, but not the unfocused ones.

I read a LOT of Medium every day. I clap enthusiastically or not at all.

Making money here is of interest, but secondary to my reading and writing. I get my kicks from genuine interactions, whether in my articles or in others.

Written by

Retired Unix Consultant. Kicking back and enjoying writing now. Not seeking work, not selling anything. No longer responsible for my old aplawrence site.

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