I’m retired now, but for over thirty years I had a business doing Unix system troubleshooting, recovery, installation, whatever. If it had a # prompt and something wasn’t working, I’d tackle it.

So, I got to work in all kinds of businesses , mostly small, but some large. I saw people doing all sorts of silly and boring manual tasks that could be easily automated.

The funny thing was that they seldom would. Sometimes they just didn’t want to pay me to help show them how, but more often they simply would not invest the time to learn how they could turn hours of dumb work into minutes or even seconds. Automation was too hard.

Using their brain for two or three minutes was such a burden compared to mindless drone work!

I realized that unless I could give them a near mindless automation, they were too mentally lazy to do it. People, some people, really can be such lazy dopes, can’t they?

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