It is left leaning because smart people trend left and writers trend smart.

That’s not to say that conservatives are never intelligent. Lefty ACLU atheist scum that I am, I loved reading William F. Buckley and George Will. I seldom agreed with them, but I enjoyed their intelligent manner of presenting flawed arguments.

Yet the dumb folk who slaver over Trump trend very, very dumb and there are a LOT of them to skew the overall results.

Blocking just means you can’t see anything they write and, it follows, cannot comment on it. It does not affect curation. Curation often doesn’t mean anything, by the way: many of my unchosen articles outperform the ones that the curators liked.

As to Illumination, you may find that more and more of us do not look upon that with any admiration. But you will either figure that out yourself or not.

Welcome to Medium. Not all lefties bite.

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