It’s Only Tuesday? Crap, I’m Someday Else!

Too much, too many, not enough, too little

Anthony (Tony/Pcunix) Lawrence
3 min readOct 24, 2023


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I started to take the trash barrel out to the curb today. Our trash pickup is Friday, but today is not.

My poor wife broke her right wrist for the second time a week ago, so had an appointment today for an x-ray to check how well it is healing. The orthopedics practice has two offices. I took my wife to the one where she did not have an appointment.

I did get her to that wrong office on time, though, so credit me that. If the other office were not fifteen minutes north, we might have been on time for the actual appointment.

Good news, though. The fracture is healing well, so she might be ready to remove the cast three weeks from now instead of five, assuming I take her to the right office next time.

We were intending to stop at Shaws Supermarket on the way back, but I forgot and missed the exit. We did stop at BJ’s Wholesale, where I wanted to buy unsalted peanuts, but they had none. BJ’s is only forty round trip minutes out of the way, but I spent another twenty futilely looking for shelled unsalted peanuts after being offered unshelled peanuts twice.

I’m not getting enough sleep due to spending an extra ninety minutes or so helping my wife get ready for bed. There are a lot of bed preparation tasks that are difficult when your dominant wrist is in a cast and hurts like hell. I had somehow forgotten how most of those are equally difficult for someone else to do for you.

Something as apparently simple as eyedrops is not so at all. Applying drops to my wife’s eyebrows when she moved unexpectedly did not create the shared laughter I thought it might. Nor did spraying Albuterol on her front teeth.

I guess you had to be there. Then again, she was.

Why don’t I sleep in? Well, for nearly six decades now, I have been accustomed to getting up between 3:00 and 5:00 AM. There are also the urgent nightly calls for urination every ninety minutes that have recently taken up residence in my bladder.

And I need to get up early to prepare for my club-handed wife’s arrival around 8:00. Breakfast is fairly easy…



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