Many *people* are being hurt or destroyed by this. Trump certainly made a mess of it, but I'm not certain that Hillary wouldn't have also tried tucking it under the rug.

Most restaurants are a luxury. I cannot muster tremendous sympathy for the owners. I do feel for the employees, but hey, they probably got their $1,200 insult. That's plenty of moolah to live on for a week or two, isn't it?

Congress is at fault here. We can blame Mitch, but Nancy is just as stupidly stubborn and uncaring about the people who have been badly affected by this.

We don't need to bail out any businesses. We need to help people and THEY will support the businesses. Some businesses will still fail, some will have to adjust, but that's the risk you take in business. If Congress did what it should do, you could bankrupt the business and move on. Not the happiest outcome, but shit happens and you wouldn't starve - IF CONGRESS TOOK CARE OF PEOPLE!

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Retired Unix Consultant. Kicking back and enjoying writing now. Not seeking work, not selling anything. No longer responsible for my old aplawrence site.

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