No More Shall I Wonder and Wander the House

Ten years from now, I’ll know where it is


Finding things with Notes

I use IOS Notes and its Scan function to save many things like book covers, manuals, warranties, receipts, medical records… and it’s all searchable!

But here’s a tip that I wish I had thought of years ago. Yesterday I made a new Notes folder called “Where Did I put it”.

The picture above is the first note in that folder.

What is it? Well, recently we bought new pleated cellular shades. Two are motorized because there’s a table in front of those windows that would make it hard to reach the shades. The rest have little plastic clips and glide up and down manually.

The motorized versions are $150 more per window, so that was an easy decision.

They gave me extra clips, which never is a bad idea. I have to put the extra clips somewhere, but I have put many things in a “safe place” and then years later it takes me hours to find them. I lost a vacuum cleaner attachment for more than a decade that way!



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