The very first comment here made me laugh because of the obvious bitterness expressed. I’ve seen and heard that many times before.

As to your article, yes, the iPad gets more powerful and becomes capable of replacing computers for many of us. But at the same time, laptops become lighter and more iPad-like. So as they become more like each other, maybe at the end it’s not clear whether the iPad became the ComputePad or vice-versa.

But then there’s another contender. The phone in your pocket and glasses (or eventually, contact lenses) combine to interpret gestures on a virtual screen that overlays whatever part of your world that you want at this moment. At first, it cannot begin to compete with your ComputePad, and people like your first commenter sneer and ridicule you for your naïveté.

Five or ten years later, the EyePad has conquered the world..

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