These Stupid Posts Didn’t Even Earn A Lousy Dollar!

I can’t believe it so I’m sharing them

Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash

When I started posting here, I had very few followers. That’s normal, right?

So I posted a lot of stuff, trying to see what worked an what didn’t. Guess what? Most of it didn’t. In fact, I have a bunch of posts that never earned even one lousy dollar and most of them are from those early days.

I think at least some of them deserve better, so I created a List.

Some of these are humor, some satire, some tech. You might like some of them. If enough people do, maybe they can get to at least one crummy dollar, right?

So, here they are.

Enjoy. Or not.



Now Accepting Story Submissions

2 min read

Sep 24

What Is the Problem With “Th*t”?

2 min read

Aug 27

I Wanted to Write for MuddyUm But Omigod

4 min read

Aug 21

The Introduction to Your Story is Too Damn Long

3 min read

May 8

Medium’s New “Boost” Strategy Is Doomed To Fail

7 min read

Mar 14

Yes, This is Another Writing is Dying Story

3 min read

Mar 10

4 min read

Jan 26

Is There Any Hope For Micro Payments?

2 min read

Jan 11

No More Clap-and-Run: How to Gain Real Fans and Boost Reading Time

6 min read

Dec 3, 2022

Because You’re Not a Top Writer Anymore

5 min read

Oct 21, 2022

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