Visiting The Apple Store Genius Bar? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Anthony (Tony/Pcunix) Lawrence
8 min readJun 5, 2021


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The Apple Genius Bar is the part of the store where repairs and troubleshooting happen. You’d go to the Genius Bar when your Apple devices are broken or not working properly.

Here’s what you need to know to save yourself time and disappointment.

Call Apple Support first

First, call Apple Support (1–800–275–2273), not the store you will go to. The phone folks there can make sure you are ready for your visit, that you know your Apple ID and password (necessary for almost all repairs and problems) and that you have a backup (because your device may need to be erased to fix it). To avoid delay, it’s best to take care of those things before you get to the store.

A phone call might tell that the store can’t help because there are things the people in the Genius Bar can’t do. Apple takes privacy very seriously and that means that lowly store people aren’t capable or even allowed to do some things. For example, the store employees can only go so far if you can’t remember your Apple ID password. After that, you will have to talk to Apple Support. If you call Apple first, that conversation can do whatever is needed to help you avoid wasted time.

The local Genius Bar can’t fix everything

Some things can’t be repaired at the store and will have to be sent out. The Apple Support people can tell you that so that you might not have to make a trip. Sending out is always an option if you simply cannot get to a repair facility.

Repairing your Mac at home

You might not need to lug that big iMac into the store. In some areas, you can have Apple come to where you are to service a desktop computer. Call to find out!

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