Why Use Apple Card, Apple Pay and Their Not So High Yield Savings Account?

It’s more than you might think


My Apple Wallet

When I worked at an Apple store after retiring, I’d often try to introduce my customers to Apple Card. Most immediately rejected my sales pitch. Their body language was definite, with some even holding up a palm to push away any further discussion.

I get it. It seems like everywhere you shop, the store wants you to sign up for their branded credit card. Usually there are worthwhile benefits attached to using that card in that particular store, but how many cards do you want to have to keep track of? I understand why people resisted.

Yet, I wasn’t pushing the card because Apple wanted me to. They did want salespeople to try to get those signups, but I realized that the Apple Card really is a better card, even when you aren’t buying from Apple itself. That was true then, and it just became even more true with the recent introduction (in the U.S.) of their High Yield Savings account.

Oops. It’s not so much of a high yield. At this writing, it’s 4.15% APY, and there are many others that pay more. But don’t give me that back off palm just yet.

The unique features

As noted above, a typical store credit card will give you special benefits at that store, but not so much anywhere else. For example, my BJ’s card gives me 3% at BJ’s, but only 1.5% anywhere else. My Apple Card gives me 3% if I use Apple Pay at Apple and 2% with Apple Pay anywhere else.

Hey! Why did you put that palm up? Oh, I see: you are thinking “Oh, sure, Apple Pay, that’s how they get you!”, aren’t you? There MUST be a gotcha there because, just like everyone else, Apple is out to get you, and a gotcha is how they get ya!

Nope. You are wrong. Tragically wrong, in fact. There’s no gotcha, it’s all goodness and convenience. Apple Pay is easy to set up, easy to use (especially with an Apple Watch), and Apple will happily help you get it working at a store or by phone no matter how technophobic you are.

Apple Pay is the way to pay for stuff using any major credit card and most debit cards. But when you use it with that sexy new Apple Card, it…



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